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Magnesium Fluoride

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Magnesium Fluoride

Product name:Magnesium Fluoride

Molecularformula:  MgF2
CAS No.:7783-40-6
Molecularweight:  62.31

Execute standard: National standard/GB

Apperance:This product is a white crystalline powder, with density of 3.146g/cm-3 and slightly soluble in water.
Melting point: 1263℃
Boiling point: 2227℃.

Application : It is used in manufacture of ceramic, glass, flux of smelting magnesium, coating lenses and filter of optical instruments and so on.
Packing: in a black plastic Bag inner layer and a woven bag as external layer, 25/50/1000kgs per bag. Suitable for long distance transportation.

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